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What is StudentJob International?

StudentJob International, part of YoungCapital, specialises in the sourcing and staffing of young talent.

We are active in seven European countries:

  • - The Netherlands
  • - Germany
  • - Belgium
  • - France
  • - Austria
  • - The United Kingdom
  • - Spain

  • Our network of over 3 million young and ambitious talent is the largest in Europe. With our passion for and expertise in E-Recruitment we will always find the best candidate for your organization.

The Countries

Doeke Geertsma - Manager StudentJob International

Our Young Capital is your future Human Capital. Young talents can and will make all the difference for your company and are an absolute must to stay ahead of your competitors.

Our European Network

Why StudentJob International


We always offer customized E-Recruitment and Staffing solutions to fit your company's requirements. We have an extensive track record in the highly competitive Dutch market which gives your company a secured guarantee that you deal with the most innovative HR company in Europe.

Studentjob is a staffing and E-Recruitment agency which focuses on the target group of students. The proposition that Studentjob encompasses is the recruitment of students through the internet combined with in depth interviews. Studentjob has the ability to focus on this proposition on a national and international level. We service clients across all sectors but have a dominant position within the Services Industry.

Our most popular positions include administration, customer contract and retail environment, where our target group has proven to add value in terms of flexibility, customer satisfaction and increasing sales revenues.

The last few years StudentJob International received numerous international awards in the field of leadership, innovation & entrepreneurship. Deloitte. awarded us with the title ‘Best Managed Company’ in 2011, 2012 & 2013. And in these same years we were also awarded the National ‘Flex Specialist’ title for having the highest service level in the student staffing & recruitment industry in the Netherlands, our home base.

Team Captains StudentJob International

Annemarie Sterk
the Netherlands

Paul Steur

Katharina Lahner

Bastien Francescato

Glenn Rogers
United Kingdom



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